AIHyDrop’s Upcoming Participation in Premier U-Space events

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04/08/2024 enrique puertas

U-ELCOME poster

AIHyDrop, an innovative project dedicated to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for designing urban airspace for drones, is set to attend two significant upcoming events in the aviation sector. These events are the U-welcome workshop and FLY AI Forum 2024, both of which promise insightful discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

Firstly, AIHyDrop will participate in the U-welcome workshop taking place on April 9-10, 2023, in Barcelona ( This event aims to foster collaboration and provide a platform for discussions on the key topics and challenges arising in the early stages of implementing U-space technologies. By attending this workshop, AIHyDrop team members will have the opportunity to engage with current and future implementors, share experiences, and address concerns about U-space and its digital services. Moreover, they will contribute valuable insights during dedicated sessions covering various technical and related topics, which will be collected in a handbook called “U1 and U2 implementation best practices handbook.” This handbook will serve as a crucial output of the U-ELCOME project, helping to harmonize Europe’s approach to U-space implementation.

Secondly, AIHyDrop will present the preliminary outcomes of their research at the FLY AI Forum 2024: How is AI shaping aviation? (, scheduled for April 29-30, 2024, in Brussels. Organized by the European Commission, EASA, ASD, CANSO, EDA, EUROCAE, IATA, IFATCA, IFATSEA, ACI EUROPE, NATO, and the SESAR Joint Undertaking, this forum will showcase the latest AI-based applications in aviation and explore ways to further promote AI adoption within the industry. By participating in this event, AIHyDrop will have the opportunity to share their groundbreaking research findings with fellow professionals and learn from other experts in the field, thereby expanding their professional network and staying updated on the latest trends and developments in AI for aviation applications.

AIHyDrop’s participation in these two events marks an exciting milestone for the project as it paves the way for further collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities within the aviation sector. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and findings from these events.